Welcome to my website!

I am a research fellow in Critical Mineral Resources, working at the Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences (iCRAG) and School of Earth Sciences, University College Dublin.

I research energy critical metals. These are metals that are critically important to the production, transmission and storage of green energy. In particular, I am interested in understanding the life cycle of energy critical metals, including where the energy critical metals are from, how they get accumulated in Earth’s crust to become a deposit, and whether we can recycle mining waste for the recovery of critical metals.

My current research project explores the energy critical metal potentials of the Irish Zn-Pb deposits in the Irish midlands, which is funded by the Geological Survey of Ireland. The critical metals I am particularly interested in are those that can be recovered as by-products from processing the chief zinc ores, sphalerite, including germanium, gallium and indium. We use a laser-based technique to analyse the critical metal contents of the sphalerite, as well as mine tailings. 

I am strongly motivated to apply my analytical skills and expert knowledge to develop smart solutions to address challenges such as sustainable use of mineral resources. My over 15 years’ research experience can be squeezed into four areas:

Energy critical mineral resources 

understanding the life cycle of energy critical metals and helping to achieve a sustainable supply 


Investigation of geochemical cycles and fluid-rock interactions from the earth surface to the deep mantle

Analytical Mineralogy

Use of traditional and advanced analytical methods to reveal interior compositional texture of minerals

Applied Mineralogy

Application of mineralogy and geochemistry in coating and cement industry to achieve more environmental and sustainable goals

I also have long “side” interests in Sedimentology (relative to Economic Geology ;)), which led to my second Ph.D degree completed in Denmark. I applied geochemistry for provenance and weathering intensity evaluation and diagnosis of sedimentary processes. Research examples include the Paleoce-Eocene sandstones from the Siri Canyon, North Sea, the Cambrian shales from the Bornholm island, Denmark, and deep-water gravity flow sandstone-mudstone from Eastern China.

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