I enjoy communicating geosciences to professionals as well as general public. I actively support and promote events for female geoscientists.

July 2021 @ virtual Royal Society Summer Exhibition, UK
Delighted to be part of the lighting lectures of “Mining a sustainable future”.
Thanks iCRAG and the Royal Society for this opportunity of speaking about my research. Energy critical metals, mining waste recycling, circular economy model are all key to achieve Earth sustainability. And what else? Social awareness and joint forces is important too!
For more visit https://royalsociety.org/science-events-and-lectures/2021/07/mining-for-sustainable-future/
July 2020 @ Dublin, Ireland
Delighted to receive this certification 🙂
It has been challenging time for everybody. Stay at home and stay safe. Knowledge has no boundary.

Sept 2019 @ Ma’anshan, China
Talking “Magic Minerals” to 100 school students of ten years old. Totally amazed by their enthusiasm and fantastic engagement ! (some even know crust and mantle! :)))

February 2019 @ Limerick, Ireland
Talking about critical metals and circular economics to the secondary school students for their “e-mining” course at the Castletroy College, Limerick, Ireland.

November 2018 @ Galway, Ireland
Speed-dating with female secondary school students at the one-day workshop organised by Girls into Geosciences (GIGs), Galway